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A Choice That Makes The Difference

Why Choose Kaypee Space?

Our personalized services are created to assist you scale your organization. With the foundation in place, you can focus on working alongside like-minded individuals and businesses.

Functional Design

At Kaypee Space, we work hard to maximize the use and effectiveness of our workspaces. Particular attention has been paid to creating a modern meeting space free of background noise, the use of color in collaboration spaces and relaxation areas, and a bright workspace. seamlessly integrated

Why us- kaypee space managed office space


While developing our locations, we keep our clients’ safety as the priority. All of our locations have 24-hour security to assure our client’s safety. They can contact us whenever they need to because we are always available


Our locations are in sought-after commercial real estate (CRE) districts. The properties are close to important dining, shopping, and retail locations. To make commuting simple, a metro station and other transportation-related facilities are located adjacent to the properties


All Kaypee Space locations are carefully chosen in well-connected, premium areas to ensure simple access and quick recognition for guests and members. Our sites are close to prestigious dining, retail, and business institutions as they are situated in the Central Business Districts (CBD)

Single vendor management

Kaypee Space will be the single point of contact for the client over the design, build and operate process. To give clients a smooth workplace experience, Kaypee Space manages all the vendors. Clients wouldn’t have to handle numerous vendors or numerous vendor payments

Zero Capex

Kaypee Space provides custom office solutions for clients without the need to pay for the cost of fitting out. Customers receive a custom, fully-fitted office they require, without paying any upfront costs, while remaining asset-light

Access Control

All private offices will have access control in place and be accessed using RFID keys to safeguard customers’ privacy and security

Visitor Management System

From welcoming the visitors to the space, to collecting their details and invite to notifying the host of the arrival, our guest relations team will handle the process to ensure a smooth experience