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Kaypee Space offers customized workspaces with larger seating capacity, ideal for growing businesses that want to work efficiently with privacy and security. Our Aspire and Advantage workspaces provide all-inclusive amenities, keeping employers free from the stress of managing office space.

Please visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with our team of experts, who would be happy to chalk out a customized solution based on your office space needs.

Our workspaces provide uninterrupted, high-speed Internet. We can customize the Internet speed as per your work requirement.

Our team will guide you through a comprehensive information-gathering process, where we will seek inputs regarding your area of business, team size, and supporting business documentation.

Kaypee Space offers premium services such as parking, reception area, pantry with consumables, housekeeping, high-tech workstations, and conference room, meeting spaces, and recreational area.